Research & Design

Our team is constantly engaged in research on trends, colors, methods/processes, weaves, this work continues throughout the year so as to establish new constructions and finishes. The team visits prominent Events and exhibitions all throughout the year & to keep them constantly inspired, we encourage them to globetrot the world, which helps them deeply understand designs, patterns & colors that are native to certain regions. Using these personal insights and experiences, our designers fire up their own imagination to create fabulous pieces of art.

Research & Design

Client Services and Merchandising

Our Marketing and merchandising team is always involved in ensuring that our client’s order is well managed on each and every step. They are involved in the processes from submission of samples to making offers to following up on the entire production & shipping process, ensuring that all processes are dealt with on a timely basis so that no deadlines are passed by. We ensure that our senior personnel is always available to meet clients.

Client Services And Merchandising


Our production team puts together all the details and ensures timely delivery by ensuring that all the part processes related to the end production gets completed on time , the following processes lead to the end production –

Weaving –

Using various machines we make short work of manufacturing fabrics of jacquard, plain, dobby weave, or any type of weave. Our weaving Plants are based in Kannur, where we possess the basic conventional looms, and also automatic looms, and even special looms. Usage of the same varies on Production size, quality, and type of weave required.


Dyeing –

This process varies from Vat to Jiggers, depending on the volume, we make sure that all dyes used to meet international standards and are approved for commercial use. Color fastness to rubbing wet/dry, washing, and light is tested and approved for each lot. We ensure that the colors match the one specified by our customers.


Cutting –

The cutting department has the duty of getting the raw material from the store, the raw material is mainly the fabric and interlining, in case of the cutting department. It also has to get the right material at right time to ensure the smooth running of the department. After the cutting is completed, the cutting department has to dispatch the cut-parts to the Printing/Embroidery/Sewing department depending on the product.


Printing –

This process includes but is not limited to, Digital prints, Screen prints, Rotary prints and block prints, depending mostly on the volume and design needs.


Embroidery –

Embroidery is done by hand or by hand guided machines or on completely automated computerised machines, hand embroidery includes different techniques like smocking, pleating, quilting etcetera and materials like beadwork, different types of trims and tassels, sequins and other embellishments are used.


Stitching –

This is the stage where the final assembly of the product takes place, where a team of highly skilled tailors work, under the supervision of Quality controllers, who constantly do checks and ensure that the standards are being met.


Inspection –

All products go through inspections as soon as they get out of each respective processes from dyeing to stitching ensuring quality of the product.


Packing –

Our Supervisors overlook this whole process and ensure that correct packing methods are being followed, as well as ensuring that correct labels, hang tags and barcodes in place, the products are packed in export ready cartons, following client specific packing instructions. This is a highly labour intensive process where task simplification is done by employing mechanics that resemble an assembly line.


Dispatch –

The Packed goods in are dispatched through the mode specified by the customer from the port or airport of their choosing. Our team ensures the timely completion of customs documentation and shipment of goods. We have competent Clearing and forwarding services providers but also are flexible to working with the ones nominated by our customers.