Our People

Our rich design team consists of highly experienced and extremely passionate designers, who combine their vision and vast experience in the entire design process to create exclusive designs for a worldwide audience. Our designers operate with complete creative freedom and have all the necessary tools at their disposal to bring their vision to life.

To keep them constantly inspired, we encourage them to globetrot the world, which helps them deeply understand designs, patterns & colors that are native to certain regions. In the South East Asian nations, vibrant bright hues of red, blue, green and gold are a traditional norm in design. Mediterranean pottery, architecture & artefacts are imbibed with rust, amber, coral blue and bottle green colors while Scandinavian designs being historically nature-driven are characterized by simplicity, minimalism and muted colors of the nature which make the Nordic people feel ‘hygge’, the most important secret ingredient for leading a pleasant & fulfilling Scandinavian lifestyle. Using these personal insights and experiences, our designers fire up their own imagination to create fabulous pieces of floor art.

We offer a variety of design services to our customers ranging from trend and color forecasts and artwork development to collaborative design workshops.

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Amreen Fatima

Richa Nigam

Sindhu Viji

Astha Rakesh