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Nature, and its various elements, and their hues, textures & shades are not just exceptionally beautiful but also very unique. It helps hone our imagination & creativity like nothing else can.

At Ambadi, ‘Nature’ is our biggest inspiration. The colour combinations, the motifs and the overall patterns themselves, probably already exist in nature, which stimulates our imagination, and helps us imbibe them in our design approach. Our collections, resultantly, speak volumes of nature’s grace.

Design as a discipline is led by inspiration. And inspiration can come from various things that one sees & experiences. Travel, naturally, is one of the biggest stimulus for design. Globally, the greatest designers imbibe various aspects of their travel experiences into their work. We, at Ambadi, also believe in the same and ensure that our creative team is undertaking rigorous travels to gain an understanding of design trends across the globe, and to transform these insights into innovative designs perfectly suited for various geographies.

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