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Revealed! Why You Shouldn’t Do Business With Just ANY Rug Exporter

Rugs are an expensive investment, not only for your customers but for you as well. That’s why you cannot afford to spend money on subpar products that none of your customers will be interested to purchase. 

Instead, select a reliable rug exporter who understands your requirements and provides items that help you meet customer demands. Ambadi is one such rug manufacturer with 80 years of industry experience. That’s right – 80 years! 

So, Here’s what we offer that’s better than other rug exporters in the market!

Zero Quality Guarantee

When you complete a bulk purchase from a random rug supplier, what’s to stop them from slipping a few poor-quality pieces into the mix? 

It would be extremely time-consuming to inspect each rug individually – time which you do not have. Also, stinking, stained and worn out rugs can hamper your reputation in the industry.

Do business with trusted manufacturers in the industry. Look for some kind of guarantee. Ambadi, on the other hand ensures premium quality and production. Unlike other unscrupulous suppliers, we view our customers as a part of the Ambadi family. We treat them as partners and provide the best products to build a business relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Poor Design

When was the last time your rug manufacturer managed to excite you with a product? Try Ambadi and see the difference! 

Our products are a big hit among customers, and it’s all due to our focus on design. We are one of the best hand-knotted wool rug manufacturers who send the design team to places for ideas and inspirations which allows the company to stay up-to-date with all the trends across the globe.

Combining those new trends with classic designs makes our products one of the best in the market. Our rugs and home furnishings are precisely what your customers need to transform a ‘nice’ room into a ‘stunning’ one!

We go for the luxurious yet relaxed vibe, which consumers can’t get enough of and which is a far cry from the dull, regurgitated, run-of-the-mill designs from random rug suppliers.


Most rug manufacturers don’t have too many details available, even on the Internet. Their production and operations are a bit of a mystery, especially with international buyers. 

What you need is complete transparency – especially since you’re a paying customer – and that is precisely what you get with Ambadi.

We are honest with our supply chain partners and provide every information you need. We have manufacturing facilities in various weaving areas of India and can handle large scale orders with total efficiency.

What’s Next?

We have the distinction of being one of the best rug manufacturers in the country. Our customers rave about the quality and value of our products, and how much their customers love our items. We care about your business and customer satisfaction. So, give Ambadi a try and you won’t be disappointed!

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