Our Vision

Ambadi is one of the largest handmade rugs and carpet manufacturers in India. Ambadi is a primary design and manufacturing resource to some of world’s leading home textile retailers and brands. We have been embellishing homes since 1992 to give you an elegant, efficient and comfortable lifestyle. Our in-house design creative team is constantly experimenting with innovative yarns, techniques, textures, colors, designs, etc., in a quest to offer some interesting and value-added floor rugs and floor carpets for home. With hundreds of workers & in house looms, it’s a completely integrated manufacturing set-up with organized systems & work practices as per ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 standards. At Ambadi we take pride in being a design-led rug and carpet manufacturer in India.

To educate clients about the most exclusive forms of art in the world and to expand the powerhouse of carpets and rugs to international locales like USA, UK and Germany. We are committed to understanding and exceeding the needs & expectations of all our customers by working in unison to provide the best possible services.

To become one of the most reputed rugs and carpet manufacturer, preferred & trusted source for quality designer home and office carpet flooring, which on one hand would directly enhance the growth of our business associates, and on the other hand, enhance the quality of home and family life and stature of the final consumers of our products. Our entire team at Ambadi strongly believes in this vision and we are fully committed towards it.

Ambadi Vision

Our Values

Our Goal

To establish Ambadi as an industry leader and a world-class Indian rugs and carpets manufacturer through immensely innovative products, highest standards of quality and technological brilliance, extremely robust customer focus, a vast global distribution network footprint, well-empowered employees, a strong commitment to the environment, and the maintenance of the utmost standards of ethics.

  • Building strong, positive & lasting relationships
  • Creating & developing new designs as per latest trends and always offering something new to the market
  • Being sensitive & responsible towards the environment & the planet
  • Offering trendy & quality designer products at a reasonable price
  • Thinking fast, acting fast and being a forward-looking company
  • Working closely with our clients & partners to understand in-depth about the ever-changing needs of their customers, and design collections based on the inputs to drive sales effectively & rapidly
Ambadi Goals

IP Protection

As part of the disclaimer policy, each sold product is highly exclusive in design and is sold to individual clients only. Our designs represent our brand’s credibility and we keep it as our top priority. High level of confidentiality is maintained in our product designs, neither do we showcase any product design post sale without client’s consent.