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Why Buy Custom Rugs? 3 Irresistible Reasons

You might be satisfied selling wholesale rugs to your clientele, but the truth is some customers want a little something extra. 

Custom rugs fit the bill perfectly! No wonder they are all the rage nowadays. Here are the top three reasons why you should consider adding our custom rugs to your inventory!

1. FOMO Drives Customer Action On Custom Rugs

Fear of missing out – it’s what drives the popularity of globally successful brands. 

We know that custom designs inspire niche buyers to act quickly. Your customers won’t mind paying top dollar for a rug that is unique and unlike anything available in the market. Their need to decorate their room with a statement piece is something you can convert into a golden business opportunity. 

Add rugs from custom rug manufacturers to your list of offerings and see both existing and new customers take notice

2. Custom Rugs Are Treated As Works Of Art

Not everybody buys rugs, but the ones who do, prefer a bit of luxury in their homes. Convincing them to spend more on an artsy piece shouldn’t be too difficult! 

Our bespoke designs are one-of-a-kind and instantly capture your customer’s imagination. And it’s no surprise considering Ambadi that we put a lot of thought into custom creations. 

We are one of the few rug exporters in India who send out our design team across the globe to draw inspiration from and create custom products that are tailored made keeping the latest design trends in mind.

3. Custom Rug = Unmatched Quality

Ask us how. 

With Ambadi Golden Thread of Trust, we ensure that every custom piece made in our facility is unmatched in design brilliance, and quality. While most hand-knotted wool rug manufacturers focus on production numbers, we know that custom rugs deserve a more unique journey. 

As one of the best rug manufacturers in the country, the high quality of our custom rugs is also worth mentioning. We put a lot of effort into the process and spend time perfecting every aspect of the product, from design to shape to colour to texture. So, your customers end up with a product that not only lasts a long time but is a highlight of their home for years to come.

While many factors influence the price of rugs, including material costs and durability, we try to keep the price as low as possible. So, you get the most bang for your bucks.

What’s Next? 

Having second thoughts about investing in custom rugs for your business? Consider the points above to understand why it’s such an exciting opportunity. At Ambadi, we bring you the best custom rugs in India and help you grow your business. You deserve it. 

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