Create magic in your space with Ambadi home furnishings.

Immersed in the legacy of time-honoured craft and textiles.

Curated and authentic place to find the complete range of home furnishings and accessories.

Beautiful home furnishings infused with classic style.

Timeless and sophisticated designs.

Consistently pioneered new trends with our luxurious and avant-garde creations and ideas.

Be a part of our journey of creating elegant bespoke rugs and carpets.

Our range features both home and office carpet designs catering to various tastes and preferences.

Our rugs and carpets are rich in artistic tradition.

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A touch of luxury blended with the colors of elegance.

Bring in a sense of grandeur and style into ambiance.

Our Values & Strengths

The Golden Thread Of Trust

Ambadi Golden Thread Of Trust is our new initiative which is synonymous with trust and quality...


As a company with a sustainable future as driving force, we are quite sensitive towards...

Our Group Ethics

With a belief that honesty and humbleness is the key to building a long lasting reputation...

Our Goal

To establish Ambadi as an industry leader and a world-class Indian rugs and carpets manufacturer...


It is our passion that has helped us in gaining major recognition and becoming one of the best in the industry...


With great quality comes great credibility, which we have built over the years through various...